About Us

At First Presbyterian you will discover people committed to coming together to learn about and celebrate God. 

Whether you're already a part of our family or coming through our doors for the very first time, you'll find a place for learning, experiencing, and encouraging.  We laugh and learn together, who love Jesus Christ and are dedicated to growing God's Kingdom through witness and service in our community and the world.

We welcome you to join our church family.  If you have any questions, feel free to email our pastor, the church office, or call us at 580-255-5769.  

Worship & Music
Worship is central to our life together.  On Sundays at 10:45am we offer our lives in prayer and praise to Almighty God.  Music is important in the life of the church. Our musicians, choir, and choir director serve to provide a wide range of music from classical to contemporary.

Faith Formation

From Pastor Matt's Noon Bible Study, to our youth class on Sunday, to the Nursery, to adult Sunday School classes, we strive to equip our minds with God's Word in all we do.

Mission & Service
Our mission dollars support local, national, and international endeavors such as Dwight Mission Camp and Conference Center, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, Goodland Presbyterian Home, Christian's Concerned, PCUSA mission co-workers around the world, and so many others.  There are opportunities for service throughout the year.  Check the church newsletter Faith @ Work for more detail.

Staff / Volunteers / Officers

The minister, staff, volunteers, and officers of the church work together to lead and serve the congregation in spiritual development, mission, and service to the community. Here are our current officers along with the year when their term of service will end.

Elder Class
Joanne Flanders 2018
Bennie Drake
Caron Hawkins 2019
Vicki Zimmerman 2019
Robin Caldwell 2020
vacant 2020
Margo Jones 2018
Coy Elliot 2018
Glennis Wilson 2019
Tim Burns 2019
Chip Woods 2020
Elizabeth Pitts-Hibbard 2020

Clerk of Session: Joan Drake    Treasurer: Bennie Drake    Assistant Treasurer: Mike Grantham

Our committees are as follows:
  • Worship Arts and Spiritual Development  
  • Property Administration and Capital Improvements
  • Personnel  
  • Finance and Stewardship  
  • Mission and Discipleship  
  • Care and Nurture 
  • Fellowship
  • Nominating 


    Personnel The oversight of all church staff in coordination with pastor including hiring and termination of employees, conducting annual reviews of paid staff, hearing and responding to grievances and needs of staff. Act as liaison between congregation and staff and the presbytery. Contact, Pastor Matt, ex officio member of Personnel

    Worship Arts and Spiritual Development Provide high quality celebrations of worship in the reformed tradition that stimulate the desire of members and visitors to communicate with God through Jesus Christ, to facilitate that communication and to encourage those without a church affiliation to make a commitment to Jesus Christ and the Membership of First Presbyterian Church. Seek varied means of communicating the Good News of Jesus Christ through the spoken word, in music and other artistic expressions of faith. Provide opportunities for disciples of all ages to study scripture, further members/visitors’ understanding of issues of Christian life and faith and to tend to one another’s spiritual needs through a ministry of support and compassion. Contact : Jo Flanders

    Property Administration and Capital Improvements Ensure that the buildings and grounds are maintained in a manner that the ministry of FPC will be enhanced. Create and implement a regular maintenance schedule of buildings, grounds and equipment. Create and implement plans for making capital improvements to the properties to secure the future possibilities of FPC. Contact: Robin Caldwell

    Finance and Stewardship Educate the FPC family concerning the joys and responsibilities of ongoing stewardship and to ensure that all monies received and invested are accurately accounted for and distributed according to the mission and goals of FPC. Provide consistent and accurate communications concerning the finances of FPC. Make decisions as a committee relative to investment of funds as well as funds development to further the cause of Christ today into tomorrow. Create and conduct the annual stewardship campaign and ingathering. Contact: Bennie Drake/Sue Beall

    Missions and Discipleship Share what we have with the wider community, meet the needs of the congregation, help people with their brokenness and facilitate healing. Develop and grow disciples. Contact:  Caron Hawkins

  • Other committee listed above are committees of Deacons or of the Congregation (like Nominating)

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